Winmill Weeps for Criminals; Sentences Preborn Children to Death

I have disappointing, disturbing news to report to you today. We have learned that Idaho Federal Judge Lynn Winmill has imperiously denied the State’s motion for reconsideration of his deeply flawed ruling in the Parental Consent lawsuit. That means Idaho’s daughters remain completely defenseless to the tauntings and seductions of Planned Parenthood. Fathers and mothers stand powerless on the sidelines, not even entitled by this liberal Democrat to know that their daughter is killing her baby.

Idaho Chooses Life Alliance filed a 12 page brief supporting the State’s motion. In it, we clearly demonstrated that Winmill had ignored a U.S. Supreme Court ruling directly related to the issues at play here. In his latest decree, Winmill simply ignored the case. He refused to even address the issues we raised – and published a 5-sentence order. So, that’s that. No reasoning, persuasion; just a raw power play by an unaccountable federal judge.

Who suffers for this abuse of power? Our daughters and families. And hundreds of preborn children who might have survived the threat of abortion if parents had been empowered to intervene.

What makes this matter even more difficult to accept is a recent column by Dan Popkey in the Idaho Statesman. Popkey reports on a speech Winmill gave to the City Club of Boise around the time he issued his ruling defending abortionists. Winmill’s speech was all about the tragedies surrounding the death penalty. He shared his deep concerns about the cost and possible injustice about sentencing murderers to death; he also expressed concern for Idaho’s system of electing judges. No doubt!

This liberal Democrat holds immense power over our lives because he cannot be held accountable. His political and moral philosophy was on clear display: Mercy for criminals, death to preborn children. How sadly perverse.

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