Reviewing the California Disaster

Generally speaking, last week’s election results in Idaho and the nation were of no particular comfort to conservatives. With the exception of the Texas Marriage Amendment vote – there is cause for a fair amount of concern. We’ll talk more about Idaho local elections later. Today, I’d like to confront the disappointing news from California.

As you may know, pro-Lifers forced a ballot vote on a constitutional amendment which would require parental notification in cases where a girl is seeking an abortion. An amendment to the state constitution is necessary because of rulings by the California Supreme Court, suggesting a constitutional right to kill preborn children.

The measure, Proposition 73, failed on a 47% - 53% vote.

Frankly, this is a rather distressing result. It is difficult to spin a “positive” silver lining from this set-back. I’m told that a California millionaire put up the money to gather the signatures, but that the pro-Life community largely failed to run an actual campaign. Some in the pro-Life community reportedly felt that the vote would simply take care of itself. While one would like to believe that most people still retain enough moral sanity to support such a minimal protection for girls – obviously, this was a tragic and foolish error in judgment.

Some have blamed the general electoral disaster Arnold Schwarzenegger suffered at the polls – in which the left was highly mobilized by powerful special interests. Others point to the high dollar propaganda campaign waged by Planned Parenthood to defeat the measure.

They called themselves the “Campaign for Teen Safety”, and ran a fortune of media designed to persuade people that their choice was between the health and safety of teenage girls – or some draconian, black & white “Leave It to Beaver” world that existed only in television land. Planned Parenthood was largely held blameless during the fight, and allowed to position itself as the true defender of our daughters – against the evil “parent class”.

You be may sure that we will see at least the shadows of this message imported into Idaho.

And in the meantime, we may also be certain that the girls of California will be waiting a long time before sanity returns to their worlds – if ever.

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