More Judicial Attacks on the Family

Earlier this week we talked about the latest outrageous ruling by the pontiffs of the 9th Circuit – who ruled that public schools have more rights to form our children’s sexual ethics than we do. But as bad as the 9th Circuit is, it is abundantly clear that our national judicial crisis extends far beyond those enthroned in San Francisco.

In yet another court – this time, a state court, more destruction of parental rights is underway.

Missouri Circuit Judge Charles Atwell has issued a temporary restraining order against a new Missouri law which would prohibit any adult, other than a parent or legal guardian, from taking a minor across state lines to obtain an abortion. According to LifeNews, Atwell said that he put the temporary in place so he could have more time to examine the issues raised by Planned Parenthood. But he went farther when he wrote that he believed the law to be unconstitutional because it probably violated the rights of abortion businesses to talk to teenagers about abortions.

This is another moment for pause. If I understand the article correctly, abortion businesses – that is, Planned Parenthood – have constitutional rights. In fact, they apparently have not just the constitutional right to be in the abortion business – they have a constitutional right to talk with our daughters about abortion. Even more bizarre – it would seem logical to conclude from this preliminary ruling that Planned Parenthood’s rights to talk with your daughter trump your right to raise and protect your daughter.

I can only describe this reasoning as creeping evil – a clear form of insanity. Each of us must become involved in combating this terrible judicial threat to our families and communities.

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