‘Mr. Death’ Endorses Democrat Candidate for Governor

Now here is some creepy news. Michael Schiavo, the pseudo husband who fought for a decade to end his ill wife’s life has now entered politics. It seems that the poster boy for the Death Culture has offered a public endorsement of the Democrat candidate running for Governor in Virginia.

Virginia’s gubernatorial race always receives a tremendous amount of national press interest because of its proximity to the nation’s capitol and the fact that it occurs during an off election year. That means a lot of national party money is spent, and virtually every hired gun on both sides comes in to earn a little extra dough just in time for Christmas. That is why some $40 million has already been expended between the two candidates.

But I digress. Into this intense partisan squabble comes Michael Schiavo. He released a statement endorsing the Democrat, saying that he had witnessed first hand the abusive power that a governor can wield. He once again accused Governor Jeb Bush of political grandstanding for his noble fight to save Terri Schiavo’s life.

Michael Schiavo’s endorsement came after he heard of a debate between the Virginia candidates. The Republican candidate, Jerry Kilgore, said that he would “not agree to the forced starvation of any individual” if they had not had a say in the matter.

The American Spectator magazine has called Michael Schiavo, “America’s most admired widower this side of O.J. Simpson”. That seems appropriate, although I would have preferred the word ‘notorious’. It is certainly strange that Schiavo would attempt to intervene in this election.

But the darker aspect is the fact that the Democrat candidate would welcome the blessing.

It is an unmistakable marker of our society’s coarsening.

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