Yet More Outrage from the 9th Circuit

Yesterday we engaged in a frank discussion of Planned Parenthood as an organization dedicated to changing the world to reflect their values. And only a person living on an isolated mountain top could fail to notice their tremendous progress.

But to be fair – their progress in corrupting the culture and our children has not been a solo project. They could never have gotten so far without the active partnership of our federal courts.

The latest outrage comes from the socialist judge sitting on the 9th Circuit who once tried to ban God from the Pledge of Allegiance. Judge Stephen Reinhardt recently wrote an opinion for a 3 judge appeals panel in a lawsuit brought by parents against the school district in Palmdale, California.

The parents were outraged by a sex survey given to elementary children. These children were asked to answer questions about how often they thought about sex, whether they had sexual feelings, whether they touched their private parts and so on. Parents were naturally outraged that these surveys were done behind their backs. Thus, the lawsuit.

This would be just another outrageous story if it weren’t for the unbelievable ruling by this committee of leftist lawyers. Are you ready? Judge Reinhardt and his cohorts have declared that parents – all of us – have no right to be the exclusive teacher of our children’s sexuality. He also ruled that parents have no right to override the decisions of school officials who choose to teach our kids about sex.

Just unbelievable. Once again, the state makes advances upon our children. The government will be co-parents, well, more than equal partners with us in raising our children. At least in the most sensitive and important areas.

It is imperative that we begin forcing our congressional delegation and candidates to lay concrete plans for impeaching people like Judge Reinhardt. His abuse of power threatens not only our system of government – but our very families.

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