Planned Parenthood Exposed

Is Planned Parenthood a “social change agent”?

That question might seem rather silly to those of you who long ago came to really understand the goals and methods of this nefarious organization. But for many less vigorous souls – it may actually be a provocative question.

Life Decisions International, the pro-Life movement’s leading authority on corporate funding of Planned Parenthood, recently exposed an article written by a national vice president of Planned Parenthood. In it, Michael McGee admits that “we have sold the public on the notion that individuals have the right to decide when and whether they want to have children. Changing the world to reflect our vision takes courage … and enormous commitment.”

McGee goes on to state that Planned Parenthood pioneered the concept of “social marketing”. That is their term for describing their role in the cultural and values battles which have been waged with great intensity since the mid-1960s.

Among their cynical tools in this cultural battle are our own children. In the article, McGee admits to using teenagers to advance Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion agenda. He confesses that they are simply more effective at convincing other teenagers about abortion and sexual experimentation than even the adults at Planned Parenthood.

“Activist teens can create a buzz about [Planned Parenthood’s social agenda] ….” writes McGee.

This is very disturbing stuff. We are not talking about an organization which passively sits around, waiting to answer the phone calls of distressed women. That is the manufactured photo Planned Parenthood shows lazy legislators during sessions at the Capitol. No. We are talking about a dangerous organization that seeks to remake society, and is blatantly proud of using our children to do it.

Douglas Scott, President of Life Decisions International offers a sober challenge:

We can sit by and let the Planned Parenthood philosophy flood our society, or we can help repair the damage already done. Not only should we choose to repair the damage, we need to strengthen society so it can resist Planned Parenthood.

What will we choose? Will we continue to support politicians for office who vote to fund this organization with our tax dollars?

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