Pro-Life Community Must Push Past Miers

The Miers debacle must now be pushed behind us. Regular listeners know that I defended the President’s pick of Harriet Miers – largely on the basis of my regard for him and his proven record on pro-Life issues. But I certainly understood the skepticism and anxiety of others within the pro-Life movement. After all, many of those were on hand when David Souter was sold to the pro-Life community as being someone we could trust.

All of that is now history. She has withdrawn and the President has turned to a man with a long judicial record. By all early accounts, Samuel Alito answers those critics who convinced themselves that Miers was not qualified or conservative enough.

Alito is a graduate of Princeton and Yale Law. He has served for some fifteen years on the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, reported to be nearly as liberal as our own 9th Circuit.

Now the burden is upon us. Many national pro-Life leaders demanded a brawl in the Senate – and now it seems certain we will have one. Immense grassroots pressure must be brought to bear on members of the Senate, particularly some in the Republican Caucus, to support the President’s choice. It is unclear that we have the votes to win this confirmation battle – despite the fact that Alito was once unanimously confirmed by the U.S. Senate to the Court of Appeals.

Already the pro-abortion movement is howling and organizing. They have amassed millions to defame a nominee like Alito – and the pro-Life movement must respond with vigor.

But our defense must begin with prayer for the intense battle ahead.

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