Canadian Planned Parenthood Changes Name

Let’s turn our attention north for moment.

I recently noticed a story out of Toronto. It seems that Planned Parenthood of Canada has just decided to change its name. It will now be known as the “Canadian Federation for Sexual Health”. That change comes after some two years of internal debate about the pros and cons of leaving behind the Margaret Sanger legacy.

Planned Parenthood of Canada is part of the work and reach left by the notorious social engineer, whose poisonous teachings reach back into the 1920s. Sanger’s long life allowed her to see the spread of her ideas into most western nations. Given her intimate involvement in the eugenics movement – culminating in Hitler’s genocidal pogroms – it is rather amazing that Sanger would have the credibility left to help create Planned Parenthood Federation of Canada, and its International arm.

Today, a majority of affiliates want to “move forward” by cutting a new marketing image. But, assures the head of Toronto’s Planned Parenthood affiliate, they will still be committed to “promoting healthy sexuality from a pro-choice perspective”.

Indeed – my guess is that is that name change is about trying to attract a younger clientele – teenagers and young adults who aren’t thinking “parenthood”, but are thinking about sex without consequence.

We’ll have to keep our eyes out for a similar move down here in the U.S.

Another big story in Canada is the ferocious attack on a pro-Life group alerting women to the connection between abortion and breast cancer. Right in the middle of the big breast cancer fundraising month – Life Canada has billboards going up across the country calling on the industry to “Stop the Cover-Up”. Amen.

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