Planned Parenthood Found Guilty of Breaking Law

Planned Parenthood has been found guilty of breaking the law by a Minnesota judge. David Higgs has ruled that Planned Parenthood violated Minnesota’s Parental Notification Law by failing to notify parents of a 17 – year old girl before performing an abortion on her in 2002.

The girl’s parents sued Planned Parenthood in May, saying their daughter relied on them for advice and financial support. Their daughter was a high school senior at the time of the abortion.

Oddly enough – Planned Parenthood does not deny performing the abortion without parental notice. They have simply argued that they don’t believe the law applies in this case – because the girl had had a previous pregnancy. But Judge Higgs ruled that Minnesota’s Parental Notice Law applies to all minors – not just those Planned Parenthood chooses to protect.

The finding that Planned Parenthood violated the law allows the parents to proceed with a lawsuit in which the family is seeking more than $50,000 in damages from America’s largest abortion chain.

I bring this story to you because it is crucial that we realize what kind of organization Planned Parenthood actually is. On display, once again, is the over-weaning arrogance of an organization long accustomed to getting its way with the American legal system. Notice that Planned Parenthood simply decided to amend the law to fit its idea of what should be.

“Our definition is that she was a legal adult,” said Planned Parenthood marketing director Marta Coursey. Their basis? She had a previous pregnancy. But nowhere in Minnesota law does such a provision exist.

And now, they are threatening to appeal Judge David Higgs’ ruling if he does not reconsider.

We are also hopeful that this finding may encourage other legal officials – including Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden – to more carefully scrutinize Planned Parenthood’s compliance with state and local regulations.


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