Miers Nomination Encumbered by Spiritual Warfare

Perhaps you, too, have noticed the strange atmosphere and tone around the Harriet Miers nomination to the Supreme Court. The liberals have been strangely quiet – happy no doubt to leave the destruction of Bush’s nomination to his friends on the right. If necessary, I have no doubt they will chime in. But what a great position they presently enjoy in the most important judicial appointment in some thirty years. All their dirty work is being done by their opponents.

I’ve puzzled over this development for a couple weeks now. And my anxiety is growing that we may be witnessing a great tragedy.

For all the proud criticism offered up in the past couple weeks by the conservative chattering class – I am left with the troubling sense that there is just no substance to the conservative angst. Our self-appointed national leaders seem most piqued by the fact that President Bush did not seek their permission to appoint Harriet Miers. All in all, I can remember not a single substantial reason being offered by conservative critics as to why Ms. Miers ought not take her place on the court.

In fact, all the words and blathering commentary on websites and Fox News are more gossipy than substantive.

Which brings me to this foreboding: This nomination is of immense importance to America’s spiritual future. It is to the federal court system what George Bush’s election was to the political system in 2000. And I remember in that long election how many of us were in earnest prayer that the Lord would have mercy on this nation – one more time.

That kind of earnest prayer is in order now around Harriet Miers.

Ironically, many of our prayers in that long election were centered on the certain knowledge that we needed George Bush elected to reform the federal judiciary. That historical moment has now arrived, and it should come as no surprise that an intense spiritual battle is descending around Miers.

But in this battle, it is beginning to appear that the Enemy is playing upon the spiritual defects of the Christian community to sow confusion, division and, possibly, defeat.

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