Another Floor of Babel’s Tower

There’s another Chuck Colson column which deserves our attention.

Colson reviewed a new book, Radical Evolution, by Joel Garreau. The book deals with the frightening turns now before the human race – as scientists gain more technical insight into how genes can be manipulated.

Garreau argues that mankind is on the brink of something he calls, “engineered evolution”. Technological breakthroughs in the areas of genetics, robotics and artificial intelligence open new and dramatic possibilities – horrific possibilities.

Colson warns that within our kids’ lifetimes, parents may find themselves playing desperate games of “catch-up” with other, more affluent families in a struggle to make sure that their kids can compete in a world where human traits are selected and even engineered.

Colson believes that many gene therapies are being tested right now – including pain vaccines, memory enhancement technologies and “gene doping”. All of which is designed to produce stronger, smarter, faster human beings.

Now what does this have to do with saving preborn children?

What really grabbed my attention about this column is the evidence it presents of a larger problem in Western Civilization. We have pushed God and the wonder of creation to the very edges of our daily lives. We have willfully abandoned the notion of mankind being accountable to a being larger than ourselves; in short, we have become our own gods.

There are no real boundaries to science or medicine. The only considerations are now practical: “can we do it?” has replaced any genuine consideration of “should we do it?”

This phenomenon is the poisonous fruit of the abortion tree. In abandoning God, we have necessarily given up the hard values surrounding the sanctity of human life.

It remains to be seen how much of this genetic engineering and tinkering God himself will permit. But it is certain that a sinful mankind will not voluntarily back away from the possible.

Margaret Sanger, founder of the modern Eugenics movement, could not wish for a happier turn of events.

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