Planned Parenthood Sued for RU-486

The family of a dead woman in Southern California has filed a lawsuit against Planned Parenthood as well as the makers of RU-486, the Abortion Pill.

The family of Hoa Thuy Tran, just 21 years old when she died, is alleging that Planned Parenthood and Danco Laboratories failed to warn their daughter of the potential risks associated with using the Abortion Pill.

Their attorney, Mark Crawford, said in a press statement that she was not given any warnings, despite the fact that two women had already died from complications arising from RU-486. There are now at least four deaths associated with RU-486, all from California.

Hoa Thuy Tran left behind a husband and a 5-year daughter.

Those deaths are now being investigated by the Center for Disease Control. But we ought not hold too great a hope that any defense of women’s health will come from this organization.

After all, the manufacturer of the second drug used to kill and evacuate preborn children in a chemical abortion procedure has issued a public warning that it is not responsible for the use of misoprostol as part of an abortion process. The drug was made for ulcer treatments.

These developments point a stage light on the Abortion Industry’s priorities – and it is certainly not about protecting women and girls.

These cases have gained even more relevance to Idaho. Planned Parenthood of Idaho has said it has started providing the Abortion Pill to women and girls at its Boise clinic. We don’t know yet whether it is being offered at the Twin Falls Planned Parenthood offices.

We will continue watching for developments in this case.

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