The True Objectives of the Stem Cell Industry

Chuck Colson carried an important column last week, which I’d like to share with you today on the dark side of human cloning and stem cell research.

He reports that Science magazine announced a major breakthrough in stem cell research last month. Harvard researchers have found a way to create embryonic-type stem cells without the need to actually clone and kill human embryos.

Princeton biology professor Robert George, a member of the President’s Council on Bioethics, is among those puzzled by the lack of joy among those demanding access to stem cells for all these supposed miracle cures. And if you think about – this development should be front page news. With this breakthrough, we could theoretically have an abundance of stem cells for research without the moral destruction of killing newly conceived humans.

But the lack of celebration may be a very big clue to the actual agenda of the blossoming biotech industry. As Colson writes, “the dirty little secret of the stem cell debate” is that cells stolen from embryos at the earliest stages are useless because they tend to cause tumors rather than cures. This problem fades if the cells are taken from older babies.

In other words, the real therapeutic potential for stem cells is essentially linked to “fetal farming”. Put more plainly, this means harvesting stem cells, tissues and organs harvested from human babies at 16, or even 21 weeks’ gestation. That is nearly old enough to live outside the womb!

Professor George believes that these very quiet developments help expose the true objectives of at least some leading the charge for embryonic stem cell research – at taxpayer expense.

No wonder you didn’t see the story in the Idaho Statesman or Post Register!

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