A Righteous Person Needed in Buhl/Filer

I’d like to talk about a few things today.

The first is breast cancer and abortion. October is a big fundraising month for groups like the Komen Foundation. They are out there picking your pocket even as they help groups Planned Parenthood seduce women and girls into killing their babies.

What makes this a dark enterprise, of course, is the building research which shows a link between abortion and breast cancer. We’ve just found an excellent pamphlet on the subject, which you can view yourself by visiting http://www.abortionbreastcancer.com/brochures/. This publication has been put together by the Abortion Breast Cancer Coalition – probably the leading voice for victims of breast cancer in the nation. I’m hoping to be able to purchase a large volume of these brochures to mail out across the state – but in the meantime, learn for yourself why abortion poses such a grave health threat to American women.

Subscribers to our weekly e-News learned this week about the great news out of Twin Falls: Rep. Doug Jones is leaving for Hawaii. That is his greatest contribution to preborn in twenty years. Jones has supported Partial Birth Abortions and demanded tax money be available to pay for abortions. But enough about him.

Right now, Sharon Block is the only pro-Life Republican coming to us from Twin Falls County. There is now a chance to change that. Republicans will be meeting to nominate a new representative. But without your help, we’ll probably get just another abortion fan.

We are asking you to think about folks you might know in the Buhl/Filer area who might be willing to serve Idaho families. And we are asking you to call the Republican District Chairman, Gary Davis, and ask him to support a pro-Life Republican to take Jones’ place. Gary Davis is from Filer and will be a key player in the fight to replace Doug Jones. His phone number is (208) 326-4980.

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