ABA Study Finds Widespread Disdain for Courts

As we discuss the momentous battle over the U.S. Supreme Court, WorldNetDaily published a fascinating article about the alarm racing through elitist circles as they review data from a new national survey on the judiciary.

WorldNetDaily reports that legal experts were shocked by a survey which found that a strong majority of Americans believe that judicial activism has reached a crisis stage. Constitutional Law professor Charles Geyh called the results, “simply scary”.

Of course this is no news flash for most of us out here in “Red States America”. The disgust and anger has been building for many years. But because the survey was sponsored by the American Bar Association and reported in its Journal – the leftists in charge of our legal system are suddenly paying attention.

56% of respondents agreed with the statement, “Judicial activism seems to have reached a crisis. Judges routinely overrule the will of the people, invent new rights and ignore traditional morality.”

Georgetown Law professor Mark Tushnet said “these are surprisingly large numbers. I thought … there was a higher residue of general respect for the courts.”

Well, “hello!”

The families of Idaho are now paying the price for this very phenomenon. Our federal judge, Lynn Winmill, appointed by Bill Clinton, has thumbed his nose at the hard work done by our elected legislature in the area of Parental Consent for abortions. He says it is unconstitutional for a doctor to notify parents if he has performed an emergency abortion on their daughter. Just none of their business.

God removed from schools and the public square; pedophiles protected and Planned Parenthood imposed on our children. The courts have brought this disdain upon themselves.

One would hope that elites and ambitious attorneys would see these results as a call to repentance and moderation; but it is more likely they will simply launch a new public relations campaign to “educate” us about why we are so misguided – how these judges are simply doing a yeoman’s job of applying the Constitution without regard to their personal agenda. After all, the Left is nothing if not convinced of their intellectual and moral superiority.

In the meantime – we average citizens ought to demand of politicians running for Congress a detailed plan as to how they intend to fulfill their Constitutional duty to break the runaway judiciary. It is past time for campaign platitudes. We must insist upon action.

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