Bush Is Due Some Benefit of Doubt

David Ripley, ICL Executive Director

There has been a fair amount of grumbling and discontent with President Bush over his appointment of Harriet Miers to the Supreme Court. Many in the pro-Life movement believe it was important for Bush to engage the Abortion Lobby and their minions in the Senate in a straight-up fight. I agree with that view, at least in part. It is more than frustrating to see Republicans consistently pulling out salad forks when jumped by knife-wielding thugs like Ted Kennedy and Chuck Schumer.

But the bottom-line is whether Miers is pro-Life. In the end, it will matter less, much less, how she gets there than it will what she does after taking the oath.

So – is she pro-Life? I honestly have no idea. But I think we know something about this president. He is only the second pro-Life president in American history. With the exception of last week’s temporary appointment at the FDA, there is nothing in President Bush’s conduct which would give us reason to lose faith in him.

That leaves the possibility that President Bush has made a mistake in appointing Miers, as President Reagan did when he appointed O’Connor. But that seems even more remote. We know that Bush has spent thousands of hours working with this woman for a decade. They have had, no doubt, many conversations about faith, values, and life.

So if Miers goes south – President Bush will certainly not be able to hide behind some argument involving ignorance or deception. He will have to accept the full responsibility for whatever Ms. Miers does on the bench, at least on the issues that matter most to conservatives.

And so will the Republican Party. With two big abortion cases already on the docket for this term, we will clearly know the measure of both Miers and Roberts just in time for the mid-term elections. And if Bush breaks our heart – the Republicans will again become a minority party. There is simply no doubt that millions of Christians will simply turn their backs on the whole political process. That vacuum will allow Democrats to gain seats in Congress and probably regain the White House in 2008.

The stakes for the nation are immense; even greater for the millions of preborn children yet to be conceived.

So in the end, we have no choice but to believe – and prayerfully watch.

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