Bold Sentence in the Baseball Bat Murder Case

24Weeks Gestation

  • Unique footprints and fingerprints are present.
  • Outside sounds can be heard. .
  • Actions such as hiccuping, squinting, smiling, and frowning may be seen through ultrasound. .
  • The lungs have developed such that some premature babies may survive. .
  • The weight is about 1 to 11/2 pounds. .

You may remember the chilling Michigan case involving a pair of teenagers who killed their baby by beating it to death in the womb with a baseball bat. The baby was about 6 months’ gestational age. Authorities there determined that they could not prosecute the girl because she has an unmitigated “right” to kill her child until it manages to crawl out of the womb and obtain his own legal counsel.

But the boy is in a different category. After all, he is just the father. He has been prosecuted for the killing.

Last week the judge pronounced sentence. Judge Matthew Switalski sentenced the 17 year old father to two years probation and community service at Compassion Pregnancy Centers. We believe the center is connected to CareNet because it is explicitly Christian in its mission to aid mothers having a difficult time with their pregnancy.

The Detroit News reports that the judge said his sentence was designed to help the kid come to grips with what he did.

That is certainly an interesting approach, since no one else in the case seems to be particularly troubled about the homicide. Even then, it is a sign of our times that a baby is brutally killed and the best we can come up with is probation.

But even this slap on the wrist has produced outrage from the boy’s parents. His father told the press that the sentence “was a bad call on the judge’s part. Why not send him to Planned Parenthood, where he could see all sides of being a parent?”

Clearly we gain great understanding into the problem here. These kids have been raised in a morally bankrupt environment. No wonder the boy had no qualms about beating his own baby to death.

Assuming that the sentence is allowed to stand (a big assumption, given the warped judicial system governing America) – then perhaps this boy will gain some understanding that there is more at stake here than a self-centered obsession with our own convenience. He certainly hasn’t had that exposure from his family.

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