This new governor of Missouri is quite a righteous man. I saw an interview with him on Fox News last week, and he is one of the most straight-forward pro-Life leaders in America. It was so refreshing to hear a governor speak plainly about his values and the crying need to rebuild a culture of life in this country.

Governor Matt Blunt is embroiled in a battle with Planned Parenthood over legislation he just signed which makes it a crime for any adult who is not a girl’s parent, to cause, aid or assist a minor in obtaining an abortion. Missouri has a strong Parental Consent law, and the legislature has been searching for ways to make sure that Planned Parenthood and other predators are not able to get around that protection by simply transporting girls into Illinois.

Naturally enough, Planned Parenthood has challenged the law in a federal lawsuit. And, just as naturally, they have found a federal judge willing to abuse his power to cram their agenda down our throats. The law has been temporarily enjoined – even as Planned Parenthood has publicly decried the law as “morally bankrupt” (See comments of Peter Brownlie, President of Planned Parenthood of Kansas and Mid-Misouri; Sun-News, September 29, 2005).

That statement, from the most dangerous organization in America, would be hilarious if real lives weren’t hanging in the balance.

This lawsuit is part of a dark agenda for our daughters – which Planned Parenthood makes explicit on its website for teenagers. On “”, you can read that Planned Parenthood is telling our children that they have a “right” to decide whether they want to be sexually active, and they have the “right” to express that sexuality without fear of pregnancy, infections or prejudice.

Such counsel is blatantly immoral and illegal. Not even the most radical federal judge has recognized a child’s “right” to be sexually active – in violation of the law in all 50 states. But we need to wake and smell the brew on the stove: this is where Planned Parenthood is pushing America. Without our active and informed opposition, such a formal recognition of new “rights” for our children is all but inevitable.

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