About Pocatello Abortionist Edward DeSano

Before getting into today’s story, I want to thank the hundreds who participated in our annual Life Chain yesterday around the Boise Mall. This was a great event – in which pro-Lifers from Boise, Nampa, Caldwell, Meridian and other places stood together to call Idaho’s Abortion Capital to a place of heart-felt repentance. About 92% of all abortions performed in Idaho are done here in Boise – about half of those are done to women and girls from outside Ada County.

But not all.

Today I want to talk about Pocatello’s abortionist, Dr. Edward DeSano. In all honesty, I was unaware until recently that there was an abortionist in regular practice outside of Boise.

But we have received information from Planned Parenthood which says that Dr. DeSano performs abortions through the first trimester. He charges $500 per abortion. I called his office to confirm the information, and was told by a cheerful receptionist that yes, indeed, Dr. DeSano performs abortions.

We then checked with the State of Idaho to see how many abortions are performed in Pocatello. From 1993 – 2003, 628 abortions have been done to women and babies in Pocatello. I don’t know if all those have been done by Dr. DeSano – but at his prices, that is income of about $314,000.

On average, Dr. DeSano apparently performs one or two abortions each week. We estimate that this brings him about $25,000 each year.

What is even more disturbing, Dr. DeSano apparently also provides an “infertility” service to women seeking to get pregnant. It is impossible for me to understand how this doctor can go from woman to woman, aborting a child, then helping another become pregnant. Does it not occur to Dr. DeSano that these women might be able to help one another find healing and happiness? Which is to say nothing about the hundreds of young lives which might be saved.

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