Planned Parenthood Misleads Women With the Government’s Help

So, if a woman or girl goes to Planned Parenthood for an abortion – what will they be told about the risks?

I’m looking at an actual hand-out from Planned Parenthood of Idaho which claims that the risk of death from abortion “occurs in fewer than 1 per 100,000 abortions. This should be compared with the risk of death from a full-term pregnancy and childbirth, which is seven times greater than that from early abortion.”

Interesting. We have heard such rhetoric from the Abortion Lobby during the abortion debate in the State Capitol many times over the years. But is it accurate?

A recent article from the Elliot Institute reports that international health experts have just published a new study. It found that 94% of maternal deaths associated with abortion are simply not identifiable from death certificates alone. Proper reporting requires linking death certificates to the woman’s medical records.

The presumption that abortion is associated with fewer deaths than childbirth simply doesn’t hold up once the pregnancy history of the woman is investigated. Once the woman’s medical records are attached to death certificates, it turns out that the death rate associated with abortion is actually three-times higher than that of childbirth.

This study poses yet another challenge to data coming from the government’s Center for Disease Control. In fact, pressure has become so great on this dysfunctional and pro-abort agency that Dr. Louise Gerberding, Director of the CDC admitted in 2004 that numbers on childbirth deaths vs. abortion deaths were simply not comparable.

Her letter states, in part, that maternal mortality rates and abortion mortality rates compiled by the CDC “are conceptually different and are used by the CDC for different public health purposes”.

While the CDC admission is progress – it is certainly not sufficient to improve its credibility. Mark Crutcher, president of Life Dynamics, has blasted the CDC for its strong pro-abort bias. Rather than providing the public benefit of oversight, he believes their mission is to defend and promote abortion: “When it comes to abortion, CDC stands for ‘Center for Damage Control’.”

So – will Planned Parenthood clean-up its act and tell women the truth? Don’t bet on it.

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