France Reaps the Whirlwind

Our socialist neighbors in France continue to struggle with the fall-out from years of rampant abortion. To increase the birth rate among professional women in that nation, the government has announced that it will start paying women to have a third child.

France, along with the rest of Europe, is suffering from a declining native population and is threatened with being swamped by a growing Muslim population imported from the Middle East. The government is planning to pay women up to $1250 per month, for up to a year, if they will have a third baby and stay at home during that time.

The benefits are, apparently, available only to women in certain demographic groups. It seems that France’s social engineers want not just any kind of baby boom – but children from the “right” kind of family.

This little news story is loaded with big chunks of thought food. Notice first the elitist tone of this new policy – which is rooted in the eugenics movement. Since the days of Margaret Sanger, the whole abortion and birth control movement has been seeking the perfect society, in which only certain kinds of people are allowed to sire children.

Secondly, realize that this social crisis is of their own making.

I ran across a story the other day from our archives. In 1988, the French manufacturer of RU-486, the chemical abortion drug, declared it would stop manufacturing the killer. But the French government ordered it to continue making it available to women. Hence the modern plague in Europe and America.

And, lastly, the folly of mankind is on full display in France. When we defy God’s will and the natural order of things, we make more problems than we solve. Despite the pretensions of modern science and the dominating socialist we are simply not wise enough to make life-and-death decisions for whole classes of the human family.

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