Shake-Up at FDA Not Good for Families

While the nation’s attention was riveted on Texas and Louisiana a potentially important development for America’s families took place back in Washington, D.C.

The top guy at the Food & Drug Administration, Lester Crawford resigned. Some reports indicate that he was asked to do so by the President, who immediately appointed an interim commissioner, Dr. Andrew von Eschenbach. The latter was serving as director of the National Cancer Institute.

At least from the outside, this appears to be a serious setback in the battle to keep the “Morning After Pill” away from teenagers – at least without a doctor’s supervision. As you know, the Abortion Lobby has been pushing to make this dangerous drug available to teenagers without a prescription, to make it available “Over the Counter”. That will provide a windfall of new profits for Planned Parenthood.

Lester Crawford had been a central figure in the FDA’s decision to indefinitely put-off Planned Parenthood’s drive to make the “Morning After Pill” easily available. Their attack cats in the U.S. Senate – including Washington’s Patty Murray and the infamous Hillary Clinton – have been howling for Crawford’s head. It would appear that they finally got it.

While we don’t have specific information about the new appointee, the long history of the National Cancer Institute’s pro-abortion politics are reason enough for grave concern. Among other outrages is the fact that the NCI has played a pivotal role in denying women and girls crucial information about the linkage between abortion and breast cancer.

A recent study by the University of California at San Francisco found easy access to the “Morning After Pill” did not reduce pregnancy rates – but did drive up Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

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