O’Connor Gets a Last Shot to Undermine Our Constitution

With Judge Roberts’ confirmation all but certain in the U.S. Senate this week, it is clear that the political focus in Washington shifts to the President’s next nominee. Speculation is rampant about various strategies the White House is considering to ensure that the replacement for Sandra Day O’Connor does not get hacheted by Democrats frustrated with their inability to get at Roberts.

“I think that there’s been a lot of frustration on [Roberts] … and I think that frustration may well be vented on the next nominee,” said Republican Chairman Arlen Specter.

The International Herald Tribune reports that the White House is looking primarily at female nominees even as the left-wing Ruth Bader Ginsburg complains of being the only woman on the high court.

Meanwhile, a Florida television station ran an insightful article on the role that Sandra Day O’Connor will play in the interim. She was asked by Bush to stay on until her successor is confirmed. O’Connor, the pivotal figure in the nation’s struggle over abortion for some fifteen years – is expected to be sitting on the court when cases involving assisted suicide and the rights of disabled school children are considered.

Given the warped political process in the Senate, she may still be there when the New Hampshire abortion case is considered by the court on November 30th. That case involves a parental notice statute. It is being challenged by the anti-family forces at Planned Parenthood because it does not include the hurricane-wide exception for a girl’s “health”.

Given her long pro-abort record, it seems unlikely that O’Connor would suddenly find the heart to defend parents and girls against the sordid manipulations of Planned Parenthood and the rest of the Abortion Industry.

We must pray, therefore, that President Bush is granted great wisdom in making his historic choice for the O’Connor seat. May he not only find a candidate strong enough to withstand the withering attack sure to come – but may he also hold tight his integrity by nominating a strong pro-Life lawyer.

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