Planned Parenthood Fights to Skirt Parental Consent Laws

Sometimes these daily news stories must sound like a journey into Alice’s “wonderland”, particularly when we talk about courts and their response to legislative efforts aimed at protecting our kids.

Take the latest battle in Missouri, for instance. Governor Matt Blunt signed legislation last week that would strike you and I as pretty common-sensical – in fact, down-right necessary to protect parents and girls. But then you and I, and most Americans don’t think like Planned Parenthood and their friends on the federal bench.

Legislators in Missouri passed a bill this session which outlawed any adult, except her parents, from taking a girl to another state to obtain an abortion. This is a big problem in Missouri, because it has a Parental Consent Law; it also borders the liberal state of Illinois.

Idaho has much of the same problem, which is why we are supporting federal legislation to make it a felony to transport teenage girls across state lines in order to avoid Parental Consent Laws.

The Missouri legislation was immediately challenged in federal court by Planned Parenthood, despite passing the House of that state on votes of 115-35 and by the state senate on a 26-6 vote.

We believe that a federal judge has already issued a temporary injunction in the case, which the state’s attorney general has promised to “vigorously defend”.

The new legislation also contained a provision which would require abortionists to have admitting privileges at a local hospital within 30 miles of the abortuary. This language is intended to protect the health of women and girls. The requirement is especially important because most abortion clinics are only loosely regulated and monitored; it’s part of the pathetic “pro-woman” legacy of the abortion-rights crowd.

We’ll monitor the progress of this important battle for you.

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