Howard Joins Leftists at IWN Conference

We’ve just seen a copy of the program for the upcoming fall conference of the Idaho Women’s Network. It is a fascinating read – in that it helps fill in some details about the people and agenda of this radical organization, funded in good part by Idaho’s classroom teachers.

Our regular listeners will know that the Idaho Women’s Network is one of the leading voices for abortion rights and homosexual rights in the state. They are regularly partnered with Planned Parenthood and the ACLU in opposing legislation like Parental Consent for teenage abortions.

The conference has a number of speakers, including one from the former director, Lee Flinn. Ms. Flinn is now the head of an environmental rights group.

Attendees will also hear from Nancy Sapiro, a lawyer from the Northwest Women’s Law Center, based in Seattle. This group is regularly involved in pressing a radical social agenda through the nation’s court system. Specifically, they support homosexual marriage, public funding of abortions for low-income women and requiring hospitals to provide “Emergency Contraception”.

The group will get a chance to hear from two women sent by the Western States Center, based in Portland. This organization is funded by such social engineers as the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation and the Rockefeller Family Fund.

Their agenda is to “build a progressive movement for social … and environmental justice” in the west.

With such an agenda, it was surprising to see Republican State Representative Kathy Skippen on the agenda. This liberal comes from Emmett and will speak on the topic of “Women and Politics”. She will be joined by Democrat Marilyn Howard – chief of the state’s public school system.

We are particularly troubled to see Howard in such company. It demonstrates her leftist value system and confirms the threat she poses to our children.

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