Judges Begin to Buck Role in Abortion Cases

Because of Supreme Court edicts, any state seeking to protect its daughters with Parental Consent laws is required to provide for something called “a judicial bypass”. This has come about largely because of leftist propaganda which has infected our court system – in which parents are generally suspect. According to Planned Parenthood and their kind, children generally need protection from their dim-witted, narrow-minded parents.

And there are many judges who share their view. Only in the area of “abortion rights” are children granted the authority to make adult decisions of death-and-life.

But an interesting article ran in the International Tribune a few days ago which suggested that many judges are increasingly uncomfortable being put in the position of making abortion decisions for little girls not their own.

The story recounts how several judges in Shelby County, Tennessee are refusing to hear teenage abortion cases. Other judges in Alabama and Pennsylvania have also determined they will no longer involve themselves in such cases. The abortion-rights crowd has written letters of complaint to the Tennessee Supreme Court, in which various law professors claim that judges who opt out of abortion cases are acting in a “lawless” manner. They fear the example of such judges could spread across the country.

Helena Silverstein, a law professor in Pennsylvania said that those abortion rights experts may be right in theory – but wonders about the wisdom of forcing judges to act against their moral and religious beliefs.

Legal experts brought forth by Planned Parenthood aren’t impressed. Judges are free to have moral views, they said, but they are not free to impose them on others. They must uphold the law, because it must come first, according to these teachers of the nation’s lawyers.

This kind of reasoning is dimly reminiscent of the legal system under the Nazi Regime. That system held truth, justice, right and wrong to have no meaningful place in the courtroom; personal morality must in all cases submit to the higher political and social order.

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