Bush Administration Confronts Evil in DC Fire Department

You may remember some time back a scandal in the nation’s capitol involving something close to a forced abortion policy on city workers. Specifically, women hired as emergency medical personnel were told in training sessions that the Washington, DC had a “no tolerance” policy for female EMTs getting pregnant. In fact, the department apparently required a pregnancy test from female applicants.

Three new hires eventually came forward and filed suit against the DC fire department, but only after they had committed abortion against their own babies for fear of losing their jobs.

We learned last week that the federal Justice Department intervened in the case and helped bring about an out-of-court settlement. The feds made it clear that discriminating against women on the basis of pregnancy is illegal.

“Using pregnancy as a barrier to woman’s entry into the workplace and continued job security is illegal and inexcusable,” said Bradley Schlozman, Acting Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Rights Division. “Forcing women to choose between their baby and their job clearly contravenes federal law and will not be tolerated by this Administration.”

According to a story on LifeNews.Com, the Bush Administration was able to convince the DC agency to revise its employee policies. The city also agreed to pay each woman $100,000 and their attorney fees.

That’s great in so far as it goes. No doubt these women have helped others to avoid this outrageous “Sophie’s Choice”. But does a hundred thousand dollars compensate these mothers for their loss? What is a human life worth?

And, finally, this situation is a testament to the corrupting influence of death politics, in which the convenience of city management is of greater importance than a human life.

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