Kansas Investigation of Planned Parenthood Heard by High Court

Our regular listeners may remember the battle raging in Kansas between the Abortion Industry and the state’s Attorney General over the cover-up of sex crimes against teenage girls. Attorney General Phill Kline has taken a pounding in the media, with Planned Parenthood going so far as to call for his censure. He needs our prayers.

Last year a state district judge ordered two abortion clinics, one run by Planned Parenthood, to turn over records to Kline’s office as part of his investigation in suspected cases of child sexual abuse. His investigation is based upon the fact that 79 girls under the age of 15 had abortions in 2004; yet none were reported by abortionists to state officials as suspected abuse cases.

Planned Parenthood and the notorious abortionist, George Tiller, the other target of the investigation, filed a lawsuit asking a higher court to protect the “privacy” of their patients. A hearing on that petition was held before the Kansas Supreme Court last week.

In answer to various allegations – Deputy Attorney General Eric Rucker told the judges that his office would protect the privacy of the girls, as is their duty under the law. But he also reminded the court that the Attorney General was conducting a criminal investigation of not only the victimizers of young girls – but the role abortionists may have played in covering up these suspected crimes.

You will no doubt be outraged to learn that just days before this hearing, reliable witnesses report that two large trucks arrived at the George Tiller abortuary to haul away bags of shredded documents. It was the second such incident. A week before that – red bags marked “infectious waste” were found in dumpsters; police were called and discovered they contained shredded documents.

The arrogance of those involved in abortion is near unbelievable. All across the country we see Planned Parenthood violating laws on reporting with virtual immunity. This Kansas case, then, has tremendous implications for the nation.

Please join us in praying not only for Attorney General Kline, but for those who have taken an oath to uphold the law.

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