Planned Parenthood Exploits Katrina Victims

Well it seems that our friends at Planned Parenthood have managed to hit another low. That is not an easy proposition for an organization with a long record of distasteful and offensive behavior. Remember the condom necklaces given out at fairs to teenage girls? Or the “I Had An Abortion” t-shirt? And then there is the sacrilege of “Christmas” cards, proclaiming “Choice on Earth”. That is quite a track record.

But these days Planned Parenthood has stooped to using the Katrina disaster to raise money from the radical band of faithful who worship at the altar of self.

Planned Parenthood is asking for money to help victims of the disaster by giving them free contraceptives and “emergency contraception”. Not food, water, shelter or help find lost loved ones. Condoms and birth control pills are what is needed, as Planned Parenthood claims its staff are “on the frontlines aiding patients in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina” – including providing women and girls with access to abortion services.

This is one of the most brazen, self-serving campaigns yet by Planned Parenthood, in that it shamelessly seeks to exploit victims and the nation’s generosity into getting themselves a big piece of the philanthropic pie.

In the small print on its website, Planned Parenthood explains that all the money raised “for Katrina victims” will actually be used to support its local affiliates.

Jim Sedlak, President of STOPP International, is one that is more than disgusted.

“America is in the grips of what could be the worst natural disaster in its history, and all Planned Parenthood can think of is how to get its hands on the money pouring in for rescue operations.”

Quite an organization. We hope the voters of Idaho remember this selfish manipulation when they get to vote against pro-Planned Parenthood politicians.

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