Pressure on Planned Parenthood’s Corporate Partners

There was an interesting article recently in Time Magazine about the economic and political power of the pro-Life community to help reform corporate behavior.

As you probably know, over the years Planned Parenthood has been pretty effective at bilking money from corporations – almost as good as it is in getting money from the government. The painful part of this proposition, of course, is that in both cases – the money originates from you and I.

Many in the pro-Life movement have become more active in searching through public records, creating strategies for holding corporations accountable. Life Decisions International has led the way in research, producing an annual “Boycott List” for you and I to use in making decisions about where we should spend our money.

Another related strategy is directing investments in a morally responsible way. Time reports that 58 faith-based mutual funds have formed since 2001, bringing the total to something like 142. Among the most aggressive in promoting the pro-Life agenda is Aquinas Funds, based in Dallas. They played a major role in getting Whirlpool to back away from its financing of Planned Parenthood. They succeeded in pointing out to corporate execs that not many were going to buy an appliance because the company supported Planned Parenthood; on the other hand, how many families will spend their money elsewhere?

The pressure of pro-Life money has helped move Fred Meyer off the boycott list this year. And the Idaho Statesman was recently purchased by Knight-Ridder – which, in contrast to the Gannett Corporation, does not appear to be a financier of Planned Parenthood’s agenda for America and its families.

If you’d like a copy of the most recent list of corporate sponsors, give us a call on the toll-free number, 1-877-341-LIFE.

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