Planned Parenthood Makes Big Money Selling Dangerous MAP

One of the big developments over the summer is the FDA’s decision to indefinitely postpone an order allowing over-the-counter sales of the so-called “Morning After Pill”, also known as “Emergency Contraception”. The Abortion Lobby has been pushing hard to get this drug regimen widely available; they claim it will “reduce abortions”.

In fact, we faced this argument this past legislative session in Boise. Planned Parenthood of Idaho demanded $15 million from the government to provide free “Morning After Pills”. To add attraction to their self-serving proposal, they spun it as a matter of “compassion”.

Legislators like Kootenai County’s Dick Compton swallowed the bait like a fish champing bait.

But here are some alarming facts:

The World Health Organization announced last month that it has just classified regular oral contraceptives as “highly carcinogenic”. This drug, which has helped build the Planned Parenthood empire, is a low-dose version of the “Morning After Pill”. It stands to reason that using mega-dose hormones in the “Morning After Pill” poses serious health threats to women – which is to say nothing of the babies that the drugs kill by preventing fertilized eggs from implanting in the mother’s womb.

Another health threat to women was identified this summer by Dr. John Nestler of Virginia Commonwealth University. He found clear linkages between oral contraceptives and higher rates of heart attack in women.

Contrary to Planned Parenthood’s on-going ad campaign, they are no friend to women.

In fact – they are a major political and financial empire. Research done by STOPP International this summer has revealed that the manufacturers of the “Morning After Pill” have given Planned Parenthood a cut-rate deal on the drugs. They can buy them for $4 and resell them for $25. It is estimated that they have made over $15 million in profits from the sale of “Emergency Contraception” to unsuspecting women and girls.

Now we know the real agenda behind their lobbying at the state legislature.

Perhaps someone could help pull the hook out of Sen. Compton before they return next session.

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