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Posted on: 06/25/13
Just a week after the Idaho Legislature approved a partnership with the Obama Administration to impose ObamaCare upon the people of Idaho, Secretary of HHS Sebelius issued a 58-page order to the states requiring them to certify Planned Parenthood as a legitimate health care provider. This status as an "essential community provider" means that private insurance companies like Blue Cross of Idaho must pay insurance claims to Planned Parenthood for non-abortion services if they are to sell "qualified health plans" on the state insurance exchange.

What does this mean for Idaho families and preborn babies at risk in the womb?

It means that the federal regime under Sebelius and Obama has created an entirely new revenue stream for Planned Parenthood operations all across the nation. While these dollars will not go directly to pay for abortions - they greatly subsidize Murder, Inc. by helping to cover operating and staff costs. This indirectly finances Planned Parenthood's organization and its reach into our communities.

It also means that Planned Parenthood will be treated by the feds as a legitimate "health care provider" on a par with St. Alphonsus or Eastern Idaho's Regional Medical Center. Semi-private companies like Blue Cross will be forced into a partnership with Planned Parenthood.

The order from Sebelius is dated April 5th, but has only recently come to light through the work of the Family Research Council and Tony Perkins. In a recent email to pro-Life activists across the nation, Perkins wrote,

"Unfortunately for Americans, Sebelius - not Congress - decides what belongs in state insurance exchanges. And if her past relationships are any indication, taxpayers are in for even more surprises when ObamaCare goes into effect January 1."

And, we must emphasize, the new Board of the Idaho Insurance Exchange is equally powerless in this matter. Yet they are nevertheless morally compromised because they will serve as the intermediaries enforcing Sebelius' various edicts upon companies like Blue Cross and Blue Shield. This is the awful new reality created by the Idaho Legislature and Governor Otter.


Posted on: 11/02/11
We have followed the scandal in Kansas for many years, and each new chapter surpasses the last. It is difficult to believe the level of moral and political corruption on display as various public figures go to increasing lengths to protect Planned Parenthood. 

The nation's largest abortion racket has escaped justice for many years, despite overwhelming evidence that it has flouted several state laws dealing with underage abortions, as well as late-term abortions. There has still been no trial on the 107-count criminal complaint filed against the organization in 2007. The organization's primary defender has been Kathleen Sebelius - now Obama's Secretary of Health & Human Services.

For years, Sebelius-appointed judges on the State Supreme Court have gleefully stymied prosecution, focusing instead on a witch-hunt against the righteous man who sought justice for the many children victimized by Planned Parenthood.

We now learn that Sebelius ordered Planned Parenthood documents shredded while she was governor of Kansas. That may make a successful prosecution of the abortion racketeers impossible.

Kansas has begun to turn the corner on political corruption with the election of Sam Brownback as governor. But it will probably take many years to undo the damage Kathleen Sebelius has done to the justice system in that state. Meanwhile this morally damaged woman continues to wreck havoc with the nation's health care system. The next presidential election cannot come soon enough. 

To learn more about the Kansas scandal, see Michelle Malkin.


Posted on: 08/19/11
Planned Parenthood of America snuffs out roughly 910 innocent lives each day. That translates into 38 babies killed each and every hour of each and every day by one of Congress' favorite objects of taxpayer largesse.

Literally billions of dollars have been poured into Planned Parenthood's operations by American taxpayers in the decades since Title X was created. Call it Welfare for the Death Industry. Or maybe it would be best referred to as "workfare" - since it would be a blessing if Planned Parenthood did nothing for the tax money they receive.

The summer witnessed a major struggle over the nation's finances. Members of the media were happy to predict all sorts of economic disaster if the national debt ceiling was not raised to accommodate profligate spending by an Obama Administration bent on remaking America. Strangely, economic chaos has followed anyway.

And it turns out that, soon after Congress returns from Summer Break, the drama will return to occupy the nation's attention. With appropriations for the current fiscal set to expire by September 30, we will no doubt have all the village idiots returning to our television screens, explaining that more spending is necessary to "save the economy", and how cuts in various programs will spell ruin for America.

It is appropriate, in that context of moral and financial turmoil, to ask whether the Republicans in Congress will finally be able to put an end to taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood. Under the leadership of Speaker Boehner and Congressmen Pence, Labrador and Simpson, an attempt was made earlier this year. The U.S. House approved the Pence Amendment by a vote of 240-185, which would deny funding to Planned Parenthood.

Yet, under intense resistance from Senator Harry Reid and President Obama, the river of public dollars continues to flow.

Terence Jeffrey has a provocative article in Human Events in which he challenges the GOP Speaker to stand firm as we approach a fresh appropriations struggle:

"Between April 14th, when the Boehner-Obama Continuing Resolution (CR) passed, and September 30th, when the fiscal year ends, 141 days will have passed.... If Planned Parenthood continued to abort babies during that time at its self-reported 2009 pace of 910 babies per day, it will have killed 128,310 innocents during the tenure of the Boehner-Obama CR.

"Boehner cannot undo that part of his legacy. But he does not have to capitulate again."

Indeed. And to add salt to our bleeding wound, Jeffrey points out that any additional monies given to Planned Parenthood in the next fiscal year will be borrowed money ... an obligation passed along to a generation we are helping to destroy through abortion.

All stripes of conservative - social and fiscal - can surely agree on the necessity of ending this insane abuse of American taxpayers.


Posted on: 06/14/11
Idaho's two great senators, Jim Risch and Mike Crapo, were among twenty-eight members of the U.S. Senate to rise up in defense of Indiana in its battle with the Obama Administration over its welfare program for Planned Parenthood.

The letter urges Secretary Sebelius to revisit the decision to force Indiana continue its unwanted partnership with the mechanized death machine that is Planned Parenthood. Senators argued that the states have a right to manage their own Medicaid programs.

Not only are Risch and Crapo defending our fellow citizens in Indiana - their letter goes to the rights of every state, including Idaho, to resist the tyranny of the federal government. After sending its threatening letter to Indiana officials, the Obama Administration upped the ante by copying all state officials around the nation with a warning to cut off all federal monies for Medicaid if they dared mess with Obama's pals at Planned Parenthood.

This is not republican, constitutional government - it is thuggery. Sort of like being in business with the Mafia, in which the ‘largesse' of the federal government is only an enticement to the bondage of addiction.

There are many, many reasons to rewrite the entire Medicaid program after Obama's ouster from Washington - but at the top of the chart has to be severing the dark and unwanted partnership between the nation's abortion industry and taxpayers.

Idaho continues to be blessed by a stellar congressional delegation who understands the grave contest now underway in Washington. May the Lord continue to watch over them and grant them courage.


Posted on: 06/03/11
Much appropriate attention was given to the great solons of Indiana when they stepped-up to block taxpayer funding of America's largest abortion business under the guise of providing "health care" to women. The new legislation, signed into law by Governor Daniels, would go beyond the Hyde Amendment. Indiana would ban any Medicaid funds from going to Planned Parenthood in the great State of Indiana.

A huge victory for the nation's pro-Life movement.

However, on June 1, the hardcore abortion champion leading Obama's Department of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius, issued an order explaining to Indiana that such a move would not be allowed by the federal government.

If Indiana does not change its law, it faces penalties from the feds. Ultimately, Sebelius may force legislators in the Hoosier State to choose between principle and watching its share of federal monies under Medicaid held hostage.

Planned Parenthood operates 28 "clinics" in the state, four of them perform surgical abortions - though we don't have information on how many others commit chemical abortions.

Several members of Congress from Indiana, including Mike Pence, had written a prior letter to Sebelius, arguing that Indiana had the right under existing law to target Planned Parenthood. The ideologues running our federal regime ignored their views.

Is this how our system of government was designed to operate?

The real problem here, of course, is that for many decades state powers have been practically undermined by the "largesse" of federal funds. All those "free" goodies come with a huge price, as the present situation well illustrates.

We pray that Governor Daniels and legislative leadership in Indiana have the guts to fight this thing for as long as they are able. The protection of Indiana's prerogatives will ultimately depend on the outcome of next year's elections. We need a transformation in the way Washington operates in order to begin a restoration of constitutional government.


Posted on: 04/28/11
As the nation engages in an unprecedented discussion about fiscal disaster and spending priorities, Planned Parenthood is front and center.

How much of our national treasure should be devoted to destroying our very future?

The House of Representatives provided rational leadership by asserting that funding Planned Parenthood is not only an expense we can't afford - it is practical insanity to do so. For the first time in many years, the Conservative Majority has asserted crucial moral values into the nation's fiscal debate.

Planned Parenthood has responded to this dire threat by staging a powerful and expensive public relations effort. Like any evil enterprise, its immediate goal is to obscure its mission and hide its ugly truths behind bumper stickers and slogans.

We urge pro-Lifers to arm themselves with the facts by reading a powerful article now running on the National Review: Five Truths About Planned Parenthood.

Please join us in praying for those courageous members of Congress who are fighting to end our unwanted partnership with Planned Parenthhood.

Posted on: 02/06/11
Undercover videos collected by an intrepid pro-Lifer, Lila Rose, demonstrate beyond dispute that Planned Parenthood is in active collusion with prostitutes and pimps to exploit women and girls.

There is the New Jersey video, which has stimulated that state's Attorney General to announce that she will investigate the practices of Planned Parenthood.

A second video from Virginia has Planned Parenthood employees colluding with a purported pimp to take care of "his girls" - foreign teenagers described to be prostitutes working for him. He needed to know where he could send girls for abortions, STD testing and free birth control. No problem, he is told. They deal with various sex businesses all the time, and are quite skilled in getting around the law when an underage girl needs an abortion.

Much of this activity is paid for by the American taxpayer through the Title X program. But that outrage is secondary to the glimpse we gain into how Planned Parenthood treats women and girls.

It is impossible to conjure up any reasonable definition of "feminism" which protects the sexual and physical exploitation of girls.

Rather than waste energy defending itself, Planned Parenthood has appealed for "public relations" help from its allies across the Left spectrum. No doubt this strategy will create enough fog to help many find distraction from the terrible picture we've been given by Lila Rose.

It is well past time for Congress to end our partnership with this nefarious organization.


Posted on: 04/09/10
It seems that Planned Parenthood is playing around with a new method for increasing profits at the expense of women.

Operation Rescue reports that Iowa Planned Parenthood is using "Doc-on-the-Screen" to counsel women who come in for chemical abortions at their various offices around the state. But instead of being examined by a medical doctor, women are interviewed over a computer connected to Planned Parenthood's Des Moines office. From there a Planned Parenthood doctor dispenses generic blah-blah about how to use RU-486.

Interview completed, drugs dispensed, women dispatched. Very efficient - and lucrative.

Operation Rescue has also discovered that Planned Parenthood is billing insurance companies at a rate 2.5 times the national service for this truncated service.

Now only is this operation illegal, it puts women at greater physical and psychological risk.

RU-486 has a known failure rate of 7-20%. Who is on hand to help the woman if the chemical abortion goes wrong? We have confirmed cases of 13 deaths from RU-486, as well as another 1100 women who have suffered serious physical complications from the deadly drug.

But our guess is that these physical issues pale by comparison to the psychological problems women face in being both the agent and victim of their own abortion. Imagine the trauma of disposing of your baby in your home toilet. Don't think that doesn't leave deep emotional scarring? With Planned Parenthood's new aggressive approach to abusing women for greater profits - their isolation and pain can only increase.

Operation Rescue has filed formal complaints with the Iowa Board of Medicine, asking for disciplinary action against Planned Parenthood and its "video doc". We'll let you know what, if anything, happens.


Posted on: 03/21/10

The anguish of Bart Stupak and other pro-Life Democrats has been evident for weeks. He finally cracked this afternoon. Begging for some kind of exit door to escape his great moral test, Stupak cried out to his leader, Barack Obama. The President reached down to offer the poor guy a fig leaf with golden presidential seal - The Executive Order to Nowhere.

"I have a deal!" cried the broken Stupak, surrounded by his rescued "pro-Life" colleagues, who gave themselves permission to hide behind the president's worthless scrip and return to their pews as members-in-good-standing of the Church of Liberalism. With their votes, and only with their votes, Speaker Pelosi was able to drive House Democrats into accepting the Senate version of ObamaCare.

To solidify his re-entry into the Party of Death, Stupak even took to the House floor tonight to proclaim that it was the Democratic Party that stood for life - from conception to natural death. His fellow religionists heartily applauded his public confession of self-delusion. Utterly unbelievable and utterly tragic: Stupak has traded his long public service, all the months of struggle around abortion expansion in ObamaCare, to eat a bowl of porridge at a backbench in the Democrat Party's celebration feast.

The applause from his betrayers is already over, but Stupak will have a lifetime to reconcile himself to his failure. You may be sure that he will never be the same.

But enough of Bart Stupak.

The real tragedy here is the greater number of preborn children killed through abortion. Close behind is the forced remaking of America into a coarser, less noble place, in which we have taken a huge stride toward becoming supplicants of the state.

This legislation is, in effect, the Abortion Lobby's greatest "accomplishment" since they bullied the Supreme Court into legalizing feticide. Given the huge public subsidies involved for Planned Parenthood and other practitioners of child-slaughter, it is not surprising that they have set-aside the Freedom of Choice Act in order to concentrate on the huge public money on the table with ObamaCare.

Certainly the battle over nationalized health care is not over with tonight's vote by Pelosi's Congress. This drama will play out over many election cycles, and through many court cases.

But it sure has been a painful day to witness.


Posted on: 03/09/06

Life Dynamics reports that Planned Parenthood in San Francisco is using new gimmicks to lure children into their offices. Fliers are going around area schools, offering free movie tickets and a new i-Pod for kids who tell their friends about Planned Parenthood – but only if those friends actually go in to Planned Parenthood for an appointment.

Condoms, abortions, pamphlets on alternative sexual practices – those are the goods on sale at Planned Parenthood. Is it not creepy that kids are being used to troll for other kids?

These tactics are of particular concern for Idaho families given the new Planned Parenthood clinics near high schools in Nampa and Twin Falls. How long will it be before these marketing scams are imported into Idaho?

Parents ought to be duly alarmed about manipulating naïve kids into becoming marketing agents for Planned Parenthood; we have all experienced the power of peer pressure, and the wizards at Planned Parenthood are expanding their efforts to harness it to entrap the innocent.

Posted on: 03/09/06

There’s more to be said about the matter of the legal fees awarded to Planned Parenthood as a result of their lawsuit against the families of Idaho, their challenge of Idaho’s Parental Consent Law.

No doubt about it: $380 grand is a lot of money. And it is painful, very painful, to know that this money will be used by these people to finance their next attack on Idaho’s families and preborn children.

But there are some in the Statehouse and media using those fees as an excuse to do nothing; to allow Planned Parenthood free access to our children. That is simply unacceptable. There are even some happily using the fees as a weapon against the pro-Life movement and champions like Bill Sali.

To those people, I offer this challenge: How much is a baby’s life worth? And how much should we spend to protect a vulnerable 13-year old girl from predators like Planned Parenthood?

During the four-plus years that our children were protected by a model Parental Consent Law, teenage abortions dropped. That means hundreds of babies are alive today in someone’s living room. And that means hundreds of young women without the dark burden of an abortion history. How do you put a price tag on that?

There’s been loose talk about Sali’s leadership on this issue over the past decade – mostly from people who haven’t lifted a finger to help. Now that Sali is a congressional candidate, it seems any cheap shot from the peanut gallery is fair. But the truth is, a lot of people put a lot of hard work into developing Idaho’s Parental Consent Law. We sought advice from nationally-prominent pro-Life attorneys, from several deputies in the Attorney General’s office over two administrations; and from the Governor’s own Legal Counsel – no legal slouch in his own right.

And the simple truth is this: We have federal judges here and in San Francisco who are hostile to the values of Idaho families. They believe that the United States Constitution empowers them to thwart the will of the people. And they further believe that this hallowed document makes it a crime to protect teenage girls from criminal predators or to ensure that their parents know when they have undergone emergency abortions.

How do you reason with such radicalism from the federal bench?

The truth is, you can’t. So we may have to sacrifice those girls in the hope of protecting the majority – but let’s tell the truth about where the real problem lay: The

problem with Idaho’s Parental Consent Law is not Bill Sali or the pro-Life movement, but with federal judges who are apparently free to pervert the Constitution to suit their personal feelings.

That problem can only be solved by a Congress willing to do its duty to check judicial abuse.

Posted on: 03/09/06

Planned Parenthood is under assault in Missouri. The Legislature passed a law several years ago shutting down state money to any entity that performed abortions. But Planned Parenthood, addicted to the tax drug, managed to get its hands on public funding anyway.

Its partner in this scam of Missouri taxpayers was the state Department of Health and Senior Services – which apparently gave Planned Parenthood a grant in defiance of the new law.

It fell to a private citizen, Daniel Shipley, to file suit to get the money back. The people won: A circuit judge ordered Planned Parenthood to repay $668,850 – plus 9% annual interest. The total comes to something like $900,000. Even for an organization of such immense wealth – this has got to hurt.

Planned Parenthood has appealed to the State Supreme Court – which heard arguments last week. Part of its argument was that a private citizen didn’t have the right to sue, at least with respect to recovering the money.

We’ll keep you informed.

Posted on: 03/09/06

Planned Parenthood was disrobed in the Idaho Statesman this week. No doubt that was not the reporter’s intention. But we gain a powerful insight into the care with which Planned Parenthood treats women.

But in a piece discussing the modest amendments made to Idaho’s Informed Consent Law this past session – the Statesman became the first paper to confirm that Planned Parenthood is now doing abortions in its Boise office.

But there’s more: Planned Parenthood’s Rebecca Poedy dismissed all the talk about abortion risks – and declared that abortion was as safe as getting a root canal. Really? This supposed “woman’s rights” group lives in denial. What about medical journal articles about increased risk of premature births? Or breast cancer? Or the New Zealand study on greater rates of depression among girls aborting their babies?

Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

It is such cavalier attitudes among America’s abortion providers that require state governments to intervene on behalf of women and girls considering abortion.

Posted on: 03/09/06

A rather extraordinary thing happened on the floor of the Colorado House last month. The Legislature was scheduled to vote on a resolution honoring Planned Parenthood’s 90th anniversary of operating in that state. A pro-Life leader in the House decided that members should have an opportunity to confront Planned Parenthood’s handiwork before they congratulated America’s biggest abortion merchant.

Rep. Ted Harvey asked special permission to have Gianna Jessen open the day’s session with a powerful rendition of the nation’s anthem. Her performance moved legislators into singing with her.

Later in the day’s session, the good representative revealed to the chamber that Miss Jessen was an abortion survivor. The cerebral palsy which challenged her performance was the result of a botched abortion.

In Rep. Harvey’s retelling of the powerful story, he does not reveal whether the resolution honoring Planned Parenthood passed. Given Democrat control of the chamber, we are free to assume it did. But his essay does recount the tremendous peer pressure which came down on his head as soon as the full truth about Miss Jessen was revealed. The joy and congratulations which swelled around her as an over-comer swiftly dissipated into discomfort and anger. As co-conspirators with Planned Parenthood in producing Gianna’s condition, Democrat legislators were very uncomfortable being confronted with the humanity of their all-too anonymous victims.

The Denver Post apparently covered the story and interviewed Miss Jessen:

“We need to discuss the humanity of it. I’m glad to be able to speak up for children in the womb,” said Gianna. “If abortion is about women’s rights, where were mine?”

You can visit her website: www.GiannaJessen.com .

Posted on: 03/09/06

What damage does Planned Parenthood do to our children?

A story from Rochester, New York reveals some of what goes on around us. All too quietly.

Imagine. A mother received a call from the neighborhood pharmacist explaining that he had just given her daughter emergency contraception pills. The mom immediately went to find her daughter, to find out what was happening with her. “Where did you get a prescription for these pills?” The girl, just 13 years old, told her mother that the school nurse had given her the prescription.

The mother stormed into the school, demanding answers. There weren’t many. Turns out the school has a Title X “health clinic” inside – with the authority to distribute pills and condoms to girls over 12. Welcome to the future.

Mrs. Thomas talked with the press: “The school is not going to put clothes on her baby’s back if she gets pregnant. That school is not going to feed and taker her to the doctor, that’s going to be me.”

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