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  • ObamaPolitico.Com has recently reported on an article Barack Obama wrote for his law journal while a law student. The article reviews a court case on the rights of preborn children to sue mothers and third parties for physical harm done to them before birth. Obama writes in glowing terms about the court’s decision to deny legal rights to preborn children and goes on to provide an early insight into an adult life dedicated to upholding the liberal orthodoxy of “abortion rights”: “The government has more important concerns than ensuring any particular fetus is born.” Indeed, the same law school article from Obama’s pen points to the dark belief that killing babies in the womb is a kinder fate than allowing increasing numbers of children being born in to lives of poverty and despair. That is the type of “cruel kindness” advocated in the 20s by Margaret Sanger, mother of the American holocaust.
  • Obama has pledged to lead efforts to enact a national law – the “Pro Choice Act” – which would strip states of their ability to regulate abortion in any way. He hopes to make it his first congressional victory as president: This priority demonstrates the deep importance Democrats place on abortion. More important than jobs, the terrorist threat, staggering gas prices – is the need to defend America’s Abortion Industry.
  • Obama’s radicalism extends even to opposing (more than once) any effort to protect babies who have somehow survived attempted abortion.



  • Larry LaRocco recently accepted a huge campaign contribution from NARAL – the National Abortion Rights Action League. This organization is comprised almost exclusively of “doctors” who make their living by killing preborn children.
  • When LaRocco served for a brief in time in the U.S. House, LaRocco was a champion of federal funding for Planned Parenthood – America’s largest abortion provider.
  • He voted to block the right of pro-Lifers to gather near abortion mills – even if we are there only to pray for those victimized by abortion.



  • In his present campaign to persuade Idaho families that he is just a conservative businessman “trying to get things done” – Minnick has not said much about abortion. But he has gratefully accepted thousands in campaign funding from NARAL (the National Abortion Rights Action League, comprised of abortionists).
  • During his failed campaign for the U.S. Senate back in 1996, Minnick acknowledged that he was “pro-choice”: “ The government should not decide for women whether a pre-viable fetus must be carried to full term. Previability is not the government’s business. I guess that makes me pro-choice”. (High Country News; 09.30.96) Even the liberals on the U.S. Supreme Court have not gone as far: In numerous court cases, including Roe, the Court has acknowledged the legitimate state interest in the health and survival of preborn children.

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