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October 12, 1970: The U.S. Supreme Court lets stand a lower court ruling that Wisconsin’s law outlawing abortion is unconstitutional because it infringes on women’s “constitutional rights to have abortions in the early stages of pregnancy”.  McCann v. Babbitz.

October 12, 1970: Pope Paul VI delivers an address in Washington, D.C. to a convention of Catholic doctors.  He compares abortion to infanticide and calls its legalization a return to barbarism and paganism.

October 22, 1976: U.S. Federal District Judge John F. Dooling rules the Hyde Amendment “unconstitutional”.  His decision blocked implementation of the Medicaid funding restriction in all fifty states, enacted by the Congress in September.  They had to override President Ford’s veto of the Hyde Amendment.

October 10, 1978: Congress enacts legislation restricting the use of tax money to pay for abortions for military personnel and their family members.

October 7, 1984: Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale clash over abortion in their first televised debate.  The Minnesota Democrat pledges support for an unrestricted right to first trimester abortions.  Reagan pledges support for the objectives of the pro-Life movement.

October 8, 1985: 17,000 aborted babies are buried after being discarded by a California medical laboratory.  A three-year legal dispute took place after their discovery, with some objecting to any kind of religious ceremony.  President Ronald Reagan delivered a written euology.

October 23, 1987: The U.S. Senate votes 58-42 against Judge Robert Bork’s confirmation to the United States Senate.  The margin of defeat is the greatest in American history for a nominee.  Abortion is a central issue in the campaign against him.

October 27, 1988: Under mounting pressure from pro-Life groups, the French company Groupe Roussel Uclaf suspends sales of its new baby-killing drug, RU-486.  Two days later the French government orders the company to resume sales.  French Minister of Health Claude Levin calls RU-486 the “moral property of women”.

October 6, 1989: The Florida Supreme Court rules that a new law requiring Parental Consent for teenage abortions violates the state constitution’s right for girls to be “free from governmental intrusion in their private lives”.

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