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Posted on: 03/09/12
In yet another display of his war on preborn children, President Obama has eliminated federal support for a program which helps to facilitate the adoption of unwanted embryos created in the nation's fertility clinics.

Rep. Chris Smith, a leading force behind the creation of the "Snowflake baby" program during the Bush years to create public awareness that clinics hold thousands of frozen embryos available for adoption, blasted the decision as "dehumanizing".  

By the cold logic of the Obama Administration, it is better that these human beings are destroyed as waste or material for medical research.

The $2 million dollar program may be the only federal program eliminated during the Obama years. Meanwhile, his Administration pumps $1 million each day into the empire that is Planned Parenthood.


Posted on: 01/24/12

President Obama issued a public statement this past Sunday honoring the Supreme Court for its heinous act 39 years ago this week:

"We must remember that [Roe v. Wade] not only protects a woman's health and reproductive freedom, but also affirms a broader principle: that government should not intrude on private family matters."

That is special. As the present leader of a movement to strip Americans of privacy and their right to pursue happiness and retain the fruits of their labor - the one area Obama would acknowledge "privacy" is in the matter of destroying an innocent life. In his view, the destruction of a defenseless human being should remain a "personal" matter between a mother and her abortionist.

How truly sad it is that the "leader" of the free world has nothing more to offer than legitimizing moral chaos in the name of "freedom".

We ask that you join us in praying to the Lord Almighty that He would raise up a righteous man to help restore America's moral grounding by tearing down the high altars of libertinism.

Posted on: 10/12/11
Recall the drama and promises Obama made around tax-payer funded abortions and his grand scheme for health care: In September, 2009 Obama told an assembled Congress - and a watching nation - that "no federal dollars will be used to fund abortions, and federal conscience laws will remain in place".

Then, to cover the nakedness of Bart Stupak's sell-out, Obama issued an Executive Order repeating his deception, complete with pretty, official letterhead.

For those still in doubt about what Obama is actually doing with our money, there is the threat just issued by his office to members of Congress. If HR 358, the Protect Life Act, passes Congress, Obama will veto it.

What terrible things would HR 358 do? It would create a federal law stating that NO money spent by the federal government, including tax credits or premium subsidies under ObamaCare, could be spent on abortion. In short, it would make certain that the Hyde Amendment applied to all the many welfare crevices of ObamaCare.

Every rational observer should ask: If, as Obama has repeatedly claimed, the Hyde Amendment already protects American taxpayers - what's the problem? Why drag out the big presidential ruler to whack bad congressmen? Because, obviously, the structure of ObamaCare is loaded with direct and indirect subsidies for the Death Machine that is Planned Parenthood.

The Protect Life Act is expected to be considered by the full House on Thursday.


Posted on: 08/06/10
The confirmation of another pro-abortion ideologue to the U.S. Supreme Court is a sad day for the pro-Life movement - and for America.

It was a predictable event, but we are disappointed by the number of Republicans who crossed over to support Obama's agenda. Particularly annoying is the vote by Lindsay Graham. At one point he seemed like a solid citizen: conservative, practical, principled. Since his election to the U.S. Senate, and his immersion in John McCain's political waters, he has just continued to defy his conservative heritage and home state by becoming the new poster child for "GOP moderate".

Sen. Shelby captured the moment during his debate, when he explained, "Put simply, Ms. Kagan is a political activist, not a jurist."

During hearings, Ms. Kagan attempted to explain away her dark work for Bill Clinton in finding a strategy to defeat the Ban on Partial Birth Abortions. Her answer to senators - that her writings were merely a service to a pro-choice president - failed to persuade anyone. It is clear from her efforts to deny, obscure, and even hide the medical science around partial birth abortions that she is a true believer in the rite of abortion.

No wonder her fellow traveler - Justice Ginsburg - expressed "exhilaration" at having a young, vigorous ally join her on the court.

Long after America has turned its back on Barack Obama, we will have to suffer the evil of his legacy on the nation's high court; children yet conceived, most of all.


Posted on: 03/26/10

We have received calls and emails from concerned pro-Lifers, asking about the state of things now that President Obama has signed legislation federalizing health care. Does this mean that we are going to start paying for abortions? What about the Executive Order he signed? Does that help or hurt?

The truth is, the situation is still pretty confusing. But we already know a few things.

Most of us really don't comprehend the scope of what Democrats have foisted upon us. The legislation is so massive, expensive and far-reaching that it will take many years to unfold. Building the huge new bureaucracies required by the law will take time.

In the short term, we're guessing that public funding of abortions will be slowed by the Executive Order, as well as the fact that the insurance exchanges created by ObamaCare will take time to become operational. The Abortion Lobby has time to plan its certain court challenge of the legality of Obama's Executive Order on tax funding of abortions; we already know from public statements by Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards that they view the Executive Order as "symbolic".

On the other hand, the media and public have largely overlooked the huge funding subsidies contained in ObamaCare for expansion of "family planning services". We count at least $13 billion - yes, that is ‘b' for billion - that is very likely to make it way into Planned Parenthood's coffers in coming years. And that is very likely a low-ball number.

What's the money for?

A story this week out of Washington state paints a graphic picture of our future under ObamaCare.

The mother of a high school girl has gone public with her outrage over the fact that her 15 year old daughter received an abortion arranged by the health center located inside the school.

"[My daughter] took a pregnancy test at school, at the teen health center," said the mother, identified as Jill. "Nowhere in this paperwork does it mention abortion or facilitating abortion.

According to KOMO News in Seattle, Jill described how her daughter was given a pass, put in a taxi cab and sent off to abort her baby during school hours. No one in the family knew a thing about the situation until the girl broke down afterwards.

"They told her that if she concealed it from her family, that it would be free of charge and no financial responsibility," cried Jill.

The media went to school district officials seeking comment. The Seattle School District declined to accept any responsibility, saying it does not operate the health clinics in its schools.

Welcome to ObamaLand: Under his master plan, such clinics will now become common-place in America's schools. It is all part of his proposal to enhance "preventive" care. The beauty of the plan is that local school officials can, and will, hide behind federal mandates. The clinics will not report directly to school districts, but federal officials.

Planned Parenthood will be the likely vendor operating all or most of these clinics. Not only will they be raking in huge amounts of new federal monies - they will have direct access to our children. The consequences for our daughters in particular are just too awful for many people to long contemplate.

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