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Posted on: 02/03/13

Sarah Palin As Prophetess

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A news report from the Washington Post reveals that the Obama Administration is having a tough time finding anyone willing to serve on the 15-member "Death Panel" at the heart of Obama's plan to cut health care costs.

The legislation passed by Pelosi's Congress gave extraordinary power to this panel, with power to unilaterally cut payments to doctors and hospitals for services.  This is tantamount to denying services to patients.

You'll remember that Sarah Palin has received broad condemnation and ridicule from the main stream media for suggesting that ObamaCare even contained the notion of health care rationing. But the fact that no one wants to serve on this panel strongly confirms her charges. It also points out one of the darker elements of ObamaCare.

How else does one explain that no one seems interesting in taking a $165,000 job with the power to restructure health care in America?

It seems that the advocates of health care rationing would rather write articles in academic journals than actually wield the knife. Apparently it is one thing to talk about cutting off older American from health care than being the person who actually votes to shorten lives.

As you think about it, much the same seems true about the Abortion Industry. A story appeared a few weeks back which claimed that there were just four American "doctors" who performed abortions on late-term babies. Just not that much interest in living with bloody hands and conscience, perhaps.

It is a lot easier to talk about politics and bumper stickers and "rights" and profits than it is to hold the carved up remains of an innocent victim of our national hard-heartedness.

But lest you draw too much encouragement from the dearth of applicants for Obama's Death Panel, the Washington Post story says that the power of life and death it would wield devolves upon Secretary of Health & Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius. Given her ardent support of the death culture over a long public career, it is clear that the disabled, seniors and others deemed "unworthy" of life still have much to worry about.


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