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Posted on: 12/23/12

The Hope of Christmas

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As we move toward closing out 2012, the celebration of the Lord's birth gives us a chance to put things into hopeful perspective. 

2012, hyped by the media and many lost souls as the cataclysmic celebration of "ancient wisdom", will end in the normal fashion after all. A simple turning of days into weeks, on into a new year. No burning asteroids or Yellowstone explosions. No definitive proof that the Mayans were imbued with special knowledge as a result of their intermingling with ancient aliens.

One imagines the perverse disappointment in many enlightened circles.

All of which is not to say that 2012 did not bring painful and destructive events. Topping the list must be Barack Obama's re-election. The national government will apparently be controlled by abortion zealots for another four years. That translates into a lot of lives lost, and too much time for the deeper penetration of Planned Parenthood's world view into the American soul.

One can foresee the coarsening of American culture and the hardening of the federal judiciary as the edifice of industrialized abortion is raised higher. The ending of the slaughter seems further out of reach.

But Christmas is a time of miracles. It is a time for celebrating God's merciful intervention on behalf of men. No mortal could envision the impact this tiny baby would have upon the future of mankind when a sojourning couple sought shelter in a barn. Yet this vulnerable new life would grow to become the Captain of the Heavenly Host, the mightiest Hope of mankind.

Arrogant politicians come and go, but the Hope of Mankind remains.

How magically appropriate that the true hope of the pro-Life movement should come in the form of a humble newborn wrapped in swaddling clothes. Through the power of that love the pro-Life movement will persevere. And what is more, the pro-Life movement will prevail.

May the Lord richly bless your family with His presence as you celebrate the Miracle of Christ.


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