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Posted on: 12/04/12

Glimpse of the Future: Britian Rations Care of Babies

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Want to know what ObamaCare will bring to America? Take a close look at the way health care works in Great Britain. Those of us who have been fretting over Obama's plans to remake America have taken note of the health care rationing used in England to cut costs. You've probably heard of seniors and the disabled being forced to wait months, years for treatment. In a number of cases, they are denied treatment in lieu of some pain regimen. In others, they are channeled toward "hospice care" and encouraged to accept premature death.

The shocking news broke this week that such callous disregard for human life is not limited to the aged and disabled.

A British doctor - whose identity was withheld - published an article in the prestigious British Medical Journal, admitting that he had personally participated in starving ten newborn babies to death over the last year. Turns out, the British health care system regularly withdraws food and water from babies they deem "unworthy" of life. In many cases, parents participate in the decision, after being pressured into accepting the premise that their child won't enjoy a very high quality of life. They are told it is merciful and quick.

But the reality is much different. Parents and staff are horrified to see the small person shriveling in agony over the course of many days.

Is this the barbarity awaiting America?


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