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Posted on: 10/27/12

Democrats Squeal Over Exposure

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Liberal Democrats Betty Richardson and Steve Berch have issued a blistering press release in response to a mailing done by Idaho Chooses Life in Boise's District 15.

They have accused us of "lying" about their pro-abortion politics. While claiming that she has never supported abortion-on-demand, Betty Richardson does not explain how she came to be endorsed by the nation's largest abortion merchant - Planned Parenthood - when she ran against Butch Otter for Congress in 2002.

She also offers no rebuttal to our challenge of her party's radical support for abortion, or the Idaho Democrat Party's demand that ObamaCare be implemented in Idaho. We have long contended that this abhorrent policy shift, rammed down the throats of unwilling Americans, threatens to produce the largest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

Ms. Richardson further fails to explain why she refused to respond to our questionnaire, sent to her more than a month ago.

Most all of which can also be said of her running mate, Steve Berch.

Without doubt, the true radicals in this district are Betty Richardson and Steve Berch. And she inadvertently confesses as much in her press release:

"My position [on abortion] also happens to be the position that the United States has taken for the last 40 years - a woman's access to an abortion in the early stages of pregnancy should be legal".

Let us translate, since Betty is attempting to pull another fast one by suggesting that the Supreme Court only allows first trimester abortions:

Richardson admits that she supports Roe v. Wade, the legalization of abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.  And that is the entire point of our mailing.

You can read the entire story on Dan Popkey's blog.

As an interesting - if disturbing aside - we would also recommend that readers take a look at a story now running on the liberal website Politico. This article details the increasing radicalization of the Democrat Party under Barack Obama's leadership. This is the party with which Betty Richardson and Steve Berch proudly associate; so committed to its radical social agenda that they are both willing to become local standard bearers.

Democrats are pouring a massive amount of money into District 15, a pretty conservative district.  Their only hope of winning is to deceive voters into believing the story that Richardson and Berch are somehow "moderates" who share the pro-Life values of most residents.

We are grateful for the chance we've been given to expose these two candidates.

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