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Posted on: 10/25/12

Planned Parenthood's "Special" Status

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The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled this week that Indiana cannot stop taxpayer dollars from flowing into Planned Parenthood. The so-called right to abortion for individual women has somehow morphed into special rights for the nation's largest abortion merchant.

Indiana became the first state in the country to enact legislation ending its partnership with the Abortion Industry in 2011. Planned Parenthood immediately filed a lawsuit, claiming that it was being discriminated against simply because its core business involved slaughtering millions of innocents. A federal district judge granted an emergency order preventing Indiana's law from going into effect, agreeing that Indiana's elected officials were being unreasonable and mean-spirited.

The more one ponders this turn of events, the more outrage attends.

Medicaid assistance is, after all, not a constitutional right. And no private interest group has a "right" to taxpayer funding of its agenda. Those seem to be unassailable truths - at least under a constitutional framework wherein elected legislative bodies have the unmitigated authority to collect taxes and appropriate those dollars to accomplish appropriate policy objectives.

Yet federal judges have assumed the authority to dictate not only the appropriation process for the Indiana Legislature, they have dictated that those monies must be spent on specific private vendors.

How did Planned Parenthood achieve such a lofty and special place in our modern society? In part through its political and media advocacy. Another report today states that Planned Parenthood has spent over $12 million on television advertising hyping the "War on Women" in hopes of helping Obama return for a second term. PPA President Cecile Richards has even taken a leave of absence so she can campaign full-time for Obama in the closing weeks of this election season.

This outrageous ruling by the federal courts is, in addition to other lessons, a glimpse of the future under full-throated ObamaCare. The states will become mere agencies of the federal government's social policies, powerless to control the direction or impact of the social engineering favored by federal bureaucrats.

Mitt Romney has pledged to end federal funding of Planned Parenthood. His biggest obstacle in doing so will probably not be Congress, but the federal judiciary.


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