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Posted on: 10/18/12

Another Obama Lie

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As the Obama Campaign struggles to revive its desperate "war on women", the president made a false claim the other night about his bosom pals at Planned Parenthood. In trying to portray Mitt Romney as the cold-hearted "enemy of women", Obama reiterated a well-established lie.

Romney's plan to cut federal funds to Planned Parenthood, Obama claimed, would deprive women of access to breast cancer screening.

Of course, Planned Parenthood does not offer breast cancer screening. This whole public relations canard to soften PP's public image was well established during the brouhaha over Komen funding for America's largest abortion provider.

But, of course, facts - economic, social or moral - don't pose a big problem for the president.

(We are reminded of the frustrating incident during the 2011 legislative session, when Sen. Joyce Broadsword - a champion of Planned Parenthood - vehemently denied during a Senate hearing that Planned Parenthood performed abortions in Idaho. Of course, they are the state's leading agent of death for preborn children).

The unfortunate part of this incident is that Obama is still president. As such, he commands a certain level of attention among American voters who are likely being misled about this crucial fact.

Readers wishing more background information about Planned Parenthood's actual services should visit the American Life League's website: All.org

You can also check this story out at Life News.

Let us band together in diligent prayer for the Lord's intervention in exposing Barack Obama's deceptions as we head into the crucial weeks of this election.


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