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Posted on: 10/16/12

Bishops Chide Biden

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The U.S. Conference of Bishops issued a public statement contradicting Joe Biden's claims during his debate that the Obama Mandate on abortion was no problem for Christian institutions.

Those of us who watched Biden proclaim on national television that the Obama Mandate requiring insurance coverage wouldn't affect religious institutions knew that he was, at best, mistaken. His adamant tone does nothing to change the fact that American employers are now required to provide contraception and the "Morning After Pill" as part of a standard health insurance package.

The Obama Mandate affects more than just the Catholic Church. Any Christian employer who understands that the MAP can destroy a new human life is now forced to submit his or her conscience to the higher law of Obama's social and political agenda.

The Catholic elders were right to take Biden to task.

But their public statement was disturbing for what it failed to address.

For the first time in history, the two major party nominees for Vice President of the U.S. are Catholic. Both claim to be practicing members of the Church. Yet one is a scandalous champion of abortion rights, using his public power to impose tax-funded death upon thousands, millions of innocents. And the Catholic Bishops say nothing.

Joe Biden proudly proclaims his Catholicism on national television to garner votes, while simultaneously defending his role in the most pro-abortion regime in history ... and the Catholic Bishops say nothing.

To make it even more painful, Biden's opponent, Paul Ryan, is a practicing Catholic who has spent a good many years fighting for the values proclaimed by the Catholic Church. And, yet, the Catholic Bishops say nothing.

Obviously the U.S. Conference of Bishops continues to be bewildered about the profound moral and theological challenge presented by public personalities like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

We welcome the Bishops' public letter correcting Biden's misstatements. But their public statement is more remarkable for its timidity and avoidance than it is for its proclamation of truth.


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