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Posted on: 10/02/12

Obama Advisor Admits Rationing

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Virtually everything Americans have been told about ObamaCare has proven to be, at best, incorrect. In selling this plan, the Obama Regime has issued many promises and falsehoods to convince working families that genuine progress can be had through a federal take-over.

Those of us who are publicly skeptical have been denounced as cold-hearted, ideological, misinformed, ignorant and worse.

Take the issue of health care rationing. It is obvious that rationing will have to be a part of this government scheme because the promise of "free" health care for everyone is simply unaffordable. The more government money is spent on health care, the higher the cost will be for even the most basic services.

Finally an Obama protégé has publicly admitted as much. Steven Rattner, the guy Obama picked to run the GM debacle, published a guest opinion in the New York Times last month saying that health care rationing was "inevitable" under the terms of ObamaCare. In fact, he called for "death panels" as part of a necessary, tough strategy to make ObamaCare work. The denial of benefits to elderly and those deemed to have a below average "quality of life" must be part of a government financed health care system, he argues.

In just five weeks, the American people have their last chance to derail this ObamaCare train. Do we really want faceless government bureaucrats deciding who lives and dies based upon some twisted notion of human value? 

Nancy Pelosi historically pronounced that Congress would have to pass her legislation in order to find out what it contained. But the truth is, the horror that is ObamaCare won't be fully understand for years to come. It is only when the entire tax and benefit structure is erected upon the chests of the American people that we will truly grasp the crushing weight being imposed upon us.

We urge our readers to be in earnest prayer for this nation in the weeks ahead.

see story on WorldNetDaily. 



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