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Posted on: 09/24/12

Public Schools Become Part of Abortion Industry

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Students in NYC public schools are being given birth control and abortion-causing drugs without parental knowledge. So reports the NY Post on Sunday.

The school nurse can now distribute "Emergency Contraception" to girls without parental permission as part of a growing government effort to normalize abortion as part of a "preventive health care" regimen. Parents across the nation should be alarmed at this heavy-handed intrusion into the private world of families, because it is a preview of the new United States under the terms of ObamaCare.

Unlike condoms, Emergency Contraception does not prevent pregnancy. When it works, it helps destroy a new life.

Consider the darkness of school nurses becoming an extension of the abortion industry, their role being one of sexual facilitator and manipulator of young girls. Consider the impact of an official "stamp of approval" on both premature sexual activity and the killing of a prenatal human being. How could such official sanction not further corrode the innocence of a teenage girl? How could it not lead to an increase in the very sexual behavior we all agree can be so damaging to a young soul? And with the pills will come the lie: "Don't worry, this won't kill a baby".

This horrific indoctrination program may seem a distant threat. But we reported awhile ago that such an effort was underway in Los Angeles public schools. More to the point, this corruption of youth will be mainstreamed by ObamaCare. One of its little-noticed provisions includes the creation of "health care" clinics in public schools across the nation under the guise of "preventive medicine".

America's heart is hardening.

We must pray for the defeat of Obama and his radical vision for a new America.


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