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Posted on: 09/06/12

Democrat Death Wish

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As the Democrats celebrate one another at their national convention, some very disturbing decisions have been taken. Important changes have been made to the grand statement of principle known as the Democrat Platform.

They have finally emerged from the shadows and declared that not only do they support abortion rights, they truly believe that taxpayers should be obligated to pay for abortions when a woman or girl cannot afford the cost of killing.

President Obama's true sentiments were only suspected during the congressional debate over ObamaCare. He feigned support for conscience rights and for the dignity of pro-Life taxpayers in order to get his bill passed. Now that he is desperate to gain the votes of the feminist minority, all decent pretense is gone.

This policy is at deep odds with the American people - even among those who hold some soft "pro-choice" sentiment. We believe that it will contribute to his defeat in November.

But on another level, this "death wish" is more than a political prediction. In Obama's case, we are literally talking about the death of tens of thousands of preborn children. There is overwhelming statistical data available demonstrating that "free abortions" result in higher rates of killing.

It is beyond politics to watch a national party become so radically obsessed with the wanton destruction of human beings in order to achieve some political end. Things have gotten so dark within the Democrat tent that one must begin wondering about their drive to demonize preborn children for cheap political points.

You can read more about this sordid topic at the Weekly Standard.



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