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Posted on: 08/18/12

Canyon County GOP Rejects Exchange

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At a meeting of the Canyon County Central Committee this week, GOP leaders adopted a resolution calling upon the Legislature and Governor to reject plans for a state insurance exchange, as demanded by some of the most powerful lobby groups in Idaho.

The resolution was accepted by a unanimous voice vote, but we are told that two members of the Executive Committee - Steven Kren and Rep. Darrell Bolz - voted against the resolution in a meeting of the Executive Committee earlier in the evening.

In part, the resolution argued that health care insurance was best dealt with through the private sector and increased competition.

In addition, local Republican leaders called upon the Legislature to reject President Obama's plan to expand Medicaid.

The resolve of local Republican activists could prove significant, as several Canyon County legislators are in key decision-making roles as we head into a critical period. Sen. Patti Anne Lodge, for instance, is on both the Legislative Health Care Task Force and serves on Governor Otter's Medicaid Working Group. She has already voted earlier this year to recommend that Idaho create an insurance exchange - but perhaps the resolution of party leaders in her home county could lead to a change of heart on the matter.

Rep. Gary Collins, another important player in the state's future health care policy, comes from Canyon County and serves as co-chairman of the Legislative Health Care Task Force.

There is a vast array of money and power behind the drive to submit to Obama's plan for a government take-over of health care. The governor and legislators are being worked hard to go along. What is lacking in this debate so far has been the voice and will of the people. The Canyon County GOP leadership has made an important contribution toward giving voice to ordinary Idahoans.


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