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Posted on: 08/01/12

USA Today Prints Extraordinary Story on China Abortions

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It took several reads to confirm that I was reading USA Today. The headline alone made me purchase the newspaper last week: "Forced Abortions, Broken Hearts". This Gannett-publication went further in the article, describing the brutal treatment of a 31-year old Chinese woman, Pan Chunyan.

Eight government thugs kidnapped the pregnant woman at her place of employment, a grocery store. They took her first to a government building, while her husband and family tried to raise the ransom money necessary to spare his son and wife from a forced abortion. Tragically, time had run out. The government forced Pan into a van and drove her to a hospital. They then injected her with drugs to kill her preborn child.

It is truly an extraordinary view of the brutality practiced in China - with the blessing of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton.

But what is even more impressive is the language used in the front-page story:

"There [at the hospital], Pan - who was eight months pregnant - was injected with chemicals to kill the child. She delivered a fully formed, but dead, son."

Notice that the language reflects a clear understanding of the baby's humanity. No "fetus" or "product of contraceptive failure" - but they actually printed the word ‘child' and ‘son' to describe the reality of the preborn human being brutally attacked in the womb.

The article even quotes a Chinese pro-Life activist, who declares, "It's so cruel. It's an independent human, with its own character, too."

Of course, the language of the piece isn't perfect. But given that USA Today is part of the "Main Stream Media" - the content and placement of the story is truly noteworthy and even encouraging.

On the other hand, one learns of the staggering proportion of the organized murder being committed in this powerful nation, with U.S. taxpayer support. The official news agency reports that 13 million abortions are committed each year in China. 1.3 million of them are done at the point of a bayonet.


(USA Today story appeared on July 25, 2012).


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