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Posted on: 07/21/12

IFF Banquet Features Judge Napolitano

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Judge Andrew Napolitano gave a rousing talk on Thursday evening at the Idaho Freedom Foundation banquet, challenging his audience to appreciate the threat posed to the Great American Experiment by Obama's drive to socialize health care.

Not every generation is faced with such a fundamental challenge to personal and social liberty - but this one is, he argued.

The event was attended by many of the more conservative members of the Idaho Legislature, as well as Governor Butch Otter. State Superintendent Tom Luna and Treasurer Ron Crane were also in attendance.

KIDO Radio host Kevin Miller helped MC the dinner. Idaho Falls business leader Frank Vander Sloot was honored at the dinner, giving a lengthy account of his battles with the Administration over his passionate advocacy of Mitt Romney as the alternative to Barack Obama.

The big elephant in the room was the pending decision by Governor Otter and the Idaho Legislature to submit to Obama's requirement of a state insurance exchange, combined with a massive new expansion of Medicaid. Will the principles of personal liberty and limited government - so eloquently defended at the banquet - be put into action by Otter and the Republican Legislature? We don't yet know.

Reading the tea leaves causes us great concern. The Governor has appointed three "working groups" to advise him on the issue. All three - including the Leavitt Group, being paid some $100,000 by the taxpayers of Idaho - are decidedly packed in favor of the Insurance/Medical Syndicate which has pressed so hard to create an insurance exchange. It is hard to see how Governor Otter will ignore the advice he has requested.

We will have more to say on this matter as the situation develops. Suffice it to say at this point that pro-Life Idahoans have every reason to be concerned and to be seeking the Lord's intervention with Butch Otter and other policy makers in Boise.

This organization was a sponsor of the banquet, which may strike readers as odd. But IFF has been a most diligent partner in our fight to stop the implementation of ObamaCare in Idaho. Our reasons for doing so may be somewhat different, but our goal is the same: Protecting the right of Idaho families to make their own health care decisions. In our case, we do so primarily with an eye toward safeguarding the Right to Life, pushing back against the sinister, anti-Life agenda being imposed on Americans by Washington, D.C.


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