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Posted on: 07/09/12

Perry Refuses to Submit

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Texas Governor Rick Perry announced today that his state would not be "going along" with the Roberts Court in massaging the Constitution to accommodate ObamaCare. Despite the dangling "free goodies" offered to the states, Texas will not expand Medicaid and it will not create a state insurance exchange.

This development is critically important to Idaho. Our own governor has said that he will not convene a special session to accommodate the Insurance/Medical Cabal ... but otherwise he has been conspicuously quiet about what is being planned for Idaho.

We do know that the "Legislative Health Care Task Force" has announced that it will be meeting later this month (July 30th) to consider the Roberts Edict and push again for a state exchange. This same group already reached that conclusion in early January when it issued a recommendation to the Idaho Legislature urging acceptance of ObamaCare.

Of the 12 members - which, in January, included Sen. John McGee - only Rep. Janice McGeachin of Idaho Falls had the courage to say NO. Eleven members voted to help Blue Cross and the Hospital Association by accepting Obama's vision of a new America. (This is a key reason that we opposed some of these legislators in the May Primary).

The composition of this Task Force is cause for great concern. Four of its members work in the Insurance Industry. Two others are doctors and a third serves on the governing board of a local hospital. The apparent conflict of interest

To make matters worse: five of the members are "lame ducks" who will not be part of the 2013 Legislature. And the 3 Democrat members of the panel have already issued a press release demanding that Idaho submit to their Leader's plans to take-over the health care sector.

Here is a list of the membership:

Sen. Dean Cameron (co-chair)       Rep. Gary Collins (co-chair)

Sen. John Goedde                            Rep. Sharon Block

Sen. Patti Anne Lodge                     Rep. Carlos Bilbao

Sen. Tim Corder                                Rep. Fred Wood, M.D.

Sen. Joyce Broadsword                   Rep. Janice McGeachin

Sen. Dan Schmidt, M.D.                   Rep. John Rusche, M.D.

                                                             Rep. Elaine Smith


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