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Posted on: 06/07/12

Planned Parenthood Inside the Gate

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In a preview of Obama's plan for every public school in the country, the Los Angeles School District announced that it was moving past a "partnership" with Planned Parenthood. It is apparently too inconvenient to transport kids to the Abortion, Inc. offices. Now they will operate a sex clinic right inside Roosevelt High School.

The LA Times reports that the new arrangement will begin in the fall. Planned Parenthood will offer "counseling", test for STDs, and provide free birth control. The story doesn't indicate whether kids can get free abortions in between geometry and social studies, but it is fair to assume that such services will be made available one way or another.

Some of our more liberal friends may be disturbed that we are laying this at the feet of Barack Obama.

Such complaints would involve nothing more than deception. The health care take-over planned by Obama and Nancy Pelosi has many elements of evil - and one that has received precious little attention is their plan to extend Planned Parenthood's reach into public schools by establishing school-based clinics. The moral, emotional and physical destruction of America's youth which will certainly follow such a development is difficult to exaggerate.

The insane liberals running the schools in Los Angeles are merely jumping the gun on Obama's big plans for the entire nation.

Defeat of Obama's scheme to impose a new social order on America must happen. Hopefully we receive good news from the Supreme Court later this month. If not, conservatives of all stripes must unite this fall to ensure that Obama is turned out of the Oval Office.


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